Who We Are

Gyder Surgical is an Australian MedTech company specializing in intuitive, non-invasive orthopaedic navigation products.

We believe that every patient should have access to accurate and precise surgery, no matter where they are. We are building products that work in a wide variety of care settings – Ambulatory / Outpatient Surgery Centers or large ORs in hospitals.

We believe that the best solutions minimize complexity and do not require surgeons to significantly change their practice. The GYDER® Hip Navigation System, our first product, is designed to assist surgeons accurately place the acetabular cup during hip surgery.

The Origin of Gyder Surgical

Gyder Surgical was formed by Bob Lye to develop and commercialise the GYDER®System.

Bob started his career with QANTAS where he trained in aircraft instrument systems. In the 1990s Bob left QANTAS and acquired MAC Surgical, a company specialising in the orthopaedic instruments for leading manufacturers. As Bob began to work closely with surgeons he became aware of their challenge when positioning the acetabular cup in the pelvis during hip replacement procedures. Bob’s background gave him a unique perspective on this problem and he applied modern aeronautical navigation techniques to the acetabular cup challenge. This led to invention of the GYDER® System.


Sujit Dike


Bill Hill



Lawrence Gozlan

Board Chair

Dr. Nicholas Pachuda

Non-Exec Director

Christopher Wilks

Non-Exec Director

Mark Brydon

Non-Exec Director



Our technology development partner

Hydrix is a specialist product development and engineering company with a focus in medtech. Hydrix’s engineering capability coupled with in-house regulatory consulting made them a natural partner to develop the GYDER® System.

Gyder Surgical has worked with Hydrix since 2018 to develop the GYDER® System and transfer the design to our manufacturing partners. 

In addition to being our development partner, we are pleased that Hydrix is also an investor in Gyder Surgical.

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Our global manufacturing partner

SRX Global is a leading provider of superior quality electronic manufacturing for high-technology customers through all phases of the product’s life cycle. SRX provide a wide range of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) across MedTech, industrial, defence, communications and automotive

SRX has supported Gyder Surgical’s electronic manufacturing needs from prototype development through to establishing production. The company’s highly skilled electronic engineers ensure that the high levels of quality necessary for medical devices are achieved on finished products.

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Sabre Medical

Our packaging partner

Sabre Medical is a leading developer of packaging solutions and provider of cleaning, assembly, packaging, and sterilisation services to medical device companies.

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Our innovation consultants partner

Vestech is a highly experienced team of medical device innovation consultants with deep domain knowledge in orthopaedic products. Dr Greg Roger, Vestech founder and surgeon plus his team have been working with Gyder Surgical providing specialist clinical and regulatory advice to ensure the GYDER® System meets the rigorous regulatory requirements for medical devices.  

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